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Everything you need to know about putting your home on the market, accepting an offer, and closing on your home.

Home Valuation
Receive a tailored home valuation to enter the real estate market with certainty and confidence. Get yours in three simple steps (see above).
The first impression counts! Elegantly displayed, your home will be put in the best light possible on our website and shown to high-quality prospects.
Combined with our website, our private network of trusted real estate agents allows us to increase the reach of your property. Everything is designed to find the perfect buyer for your home.
Marketing Presence
Attracting the right audience across the most effective channels is our priority. Through social media, a brochure, a well-placed advertisement or simply using our website traffic, we’ll find you the right buyer.
With a unique home presentation method made to “wow” every potential buyer, we curate a lasting impression of your home. They will not get over it.
Market Expertise
We combine our intimate knowledge of the real estate market and our structured marketing strategies to provide you with the best experience to sell your home. The perfect buyer is waiting for us.

Words from our Clients

Victoria B.
Victoria B.
Sarah Brown is the REALTOR who you want by your side as you buy or sell your home! Sarah helped us buy our first condo as a young couple expecting a new addition and helped us expand into our new family home in the midst of the pandemic. She is a fierce adv... Read More
Daniel B.
Daniel B.
Sarah did an excellent job helping us find a home that we love and closing the deal in a competitive housing market. I appreciated her consistent honesty and knowledge of the market. She was helpful in dissuading us from several houses that we were initiall... Read More
Marable L.
Marable L.
The thought of selling our home overwhelmed me for a few years. It took a while to feel ready, but we knew it was time to right-size, as Sarah so perfectly put it. When we finally took the plunge, I was pleasantly surprised by how streamlined Sarah had made... Read More
Melanie L.
Melanie L.
We had the best possible experience with Sarah Brown. My husband and I moved from DC to FL and we’re renting our house. When it came time to sell we knew we were going to go with Sarah after reading reviews just like this one. We couldn’t be there in person... Read More
Suzanne G.
Suzanne G.
Sarah was the absolute best and only choice for helping us get our dream house. We had an unusual situation we found a popular house in a great neighborhood and called her at the last minute to see if she could help us place an offer. It felt like a definit... Read More
Megan C.
Megan C.
My husband and I are first-time home buyers. We were connected to Sarah Brown at Bidwell Properties at Compass through a friend we trusted. We made the right choice! She quickly helped us find a place that fit our needs, our budget, and in our dream neighbo... Read More

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